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1. AnyDVD Mac OS Version?


Many are trying to find AnyDVD Mac version to match with their system, does there has one AnyDVD Mac software? Scroll down find out the answer together.

Created by SlySoft, AnyDVD is a windows-based software designed to help users easily remove protection from DVDs and Blu-rays, copy and rip their contents and save them to hard drive or computer in various formats. Since its launch, AnyDVD has been spoken highly by users almost everywhere for its functionality. If you ever wonder and search for whether Slysoft has an AnyDVD for Mac OS version, then you’d probably find out nothing.

slysoft anydvd alternative

Right, currently Slysoft doens’t have AnyDVD for Mac OS version, many are in search of great AnyDVD Mac alternatives to meet their needs. If you happen to be one of them, looking for Slysoft AnyDVD equivalent for Mac, then this article is right for you to read.


2. Best AnyDVD Mac Alternative Available for Users


Here we’ve compiled a top list for users to choose from, covering 10 Slysoft AnyDVD for Mac OS alternatives:

No. 1 DVDFab All-In-One for Mac

Price: Paid

dvdfab decrypt dvd protection

DVDFab All-In-One for Mac is a powerful AnyDVD HD alternative combining DVD/Blu-ray copier/ripper and video converter into one. With the ability to remove DVD/Blu-ray protections, this versatile package can copy and rip DVDs/Blu-rays to blank disc, hard drive or your computer in various files, and convert the video between various lossless formats, with an aim to deliver the users best experience. What’s most amazing is that this AnyDVD for Mac OS alternative DVDFab covers almost all protections, including Cinavia, which AnyDVD cannot remove.

Removable Protection: almost all DVD/Blu-ray protections, Cinavia included.

Features of DVDFab All-In-One for Mac
      • Copy, rip, create DVDs/Blu-rays
      • Copy, rip, UHDs
      • Remove DVD/Blu-ray/UHD Cinavia
      • Convert DVDs to standard Blu-ray format.
      • Convert Blu-rays to standard DVD format.
      • Extract Hi-Fi Audios from DVD/Blu-ray/UHD
      • Decrypt DVD/Blu-ray/UHD protections during the copying and ripping process

How-to Guide: Copy/Rip DVD with DVDFab All-In-One for Mac

Step 1: Launch DVDFab for Mac

Download and install DVDFab for Mac, double click to launch this AnyDVD HD alternative, then you would see a clear interface integrating DVD Copy, Ripper, Converter and Creator features.

Step 2: Go to Copy/Rip Feature

go to copy/rip feature

If you have a need to copy the DVD or Blu-ray on hand, choose Copy feature. Under Copy feature, there are several different modes for you to choose from: Main Movie, Customize, Full Disc, Clone/Burn, Merge or Split.

dvdfab copy modes

Or, if you’d like to rip the disc to videos or other devices, go for Ripper feature. Under Ripper feature, you can choose the target video, audio formats or devices you would like to rip into at the profile library. Then, move to the next step.

dvdfab ripper feature

Step 3: Import DVD/Blu-ray into AnyDVD Mac Alternative

Click the + button in the center to load the DVD/Blu-ray source, or drag it into this AnyDVD for Mac OS alternative, during the process, DVDFab shall automatically detect the DVD or Blu-ray copy protections and remove it, then you are free to make advanced settings like choosing subtitles, bitrate, compressing BD to DVD, adding watermarks, etc.

Step 4: Start Conversion Process 

Once you’ve finished the advanced settings, don’t forget to select a directory, then just click Start button to kick off the copying or ripping process.

All right, that’s all about this top 1 AnyDVD equivalent for Mac. Check out more AnyDVD HD alternative for Mac in the following.

No. 2 MakeMKV

 Price: Partially free

makemkv alternative to anydvd

MakeMKV, as a cross-platform and good AnyDVD Mac alternative, allows users to convert DVD and Blu-Ray into videos of MKV format, just like what its name says. Besides, users can use this AnyDVD alternative with other third-party software to burn the video converted to DVD or Blu-Ray disc. While one thing you should remember is that, unlike AnyDVD capable of making ISO and folder files, MakeMKV doesn’t support that, nor can it solve hardware issue like HDCP compliance or remove unskippable content. Lastly, this AnyDVD alternative is free for DVD discs, but charged for Blu-Rays after a 30-day trial period.

Removable Protection: only DVD protections, paid for Blu-ray ones.

No. 3 Aneesoft DVD Ripper Pro

Price: Paid

anneesoft anydvd alternative 

As a DVD ripping tool to rip and convert DVD movies to videos, Aneesoft DVD Ripper Pro for Mac is a good alternative to AnyDVD for Mac OS, you could use this AnyDVD alternative to rip encrypted DVD movies and remove copy protection, and then convert the disc content to other video formats oriented for devices like iPad, iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, PSP, Motorola, BlackBerry, and more.

Removable Protection: DVD protections only.

No.4 DVDFab HD Decrypter 

Price: Free

dvdfab hd decrypter anydvd alternative 

Ranking No.4 is a free AnyDVD HD alternative software, DVDFab HD Decryptor. If you are looking for free alternatives to AnyDVD for Mac OS, then this program created by DVDFab is the one. One thing to bear in mind is that it is not just a protection decryption software, but also a simplified all-in-one program integrating DVD Copy, DVD Ripper, Blu-ray Copy, Blu-ray Ripper and Video Converter altogether, which means users could use it to copy, rip and convert the decrypted content to a blank disc, or save it as ISO, folder files or video of different formats. But, please remember you’d better use it to deal with DVD or Blu-rays released before 2018, and this AnyDVD equivalent for Mac doesn’t support H.265 and 4K videos. 

Removable Protection: CSS, RC, RCE, APS, UOPs, Sony ARccOS, AACS, BD+, RC, UOPS and BD-Live, etc.

No. 5 DVDSmith Movie Backup

Price: Free

dvdsmith-anydvd alternative

DVDSmith Movie Backup, created by DVDSmith, works as a good AnyDVD alternative. This program can decrypt and remove DVD copy protections and help users to copy the entire DVD movie to hard drive. With DVDSmith Movie Backup, users could back up their favorite DVD movies in just a few clicks, either the full movie or main movie. Moreover, this AnyDVD HD alternative allows user to select audios and subtitles. With this powerful DVD copy software, you could save newly released DVDs like Sleeping Beauty, Iron Man, Parasite for enjoyment anywhere and anytime, a real bliss for home theater enthusiast.

Removable Protection: DVD copy protections like CSS, RC, RCE, APS, UOPs and Sony ARccOS.

3. FAQs About AnyDVD Mac Alernatives

All right, here comes to the last part for you, frequent asked questions. After you’ve read the above info about best AnyDVD HD alternatives, you might have some questions about which one to choose from, please refer to the following FAQs and decide.

FAQ 1:  Can I decrypt 4k UHD protection with above AnyDVD Mac Alternatives?


Yes. Among above recommended AnyDVD equivalent for Mac, DVDFab All-In-One for Mac is the only one that can decrypt 4k UHD copy protection and cover the most comprehensive DVD, Blu-ray as well as UHD copy protections, even including Cinavia. For more info, visit its official site to learn other features.

FAQ 2: If I Only Want to Decrypt Regular Copy Protections, How Should I Choose?


If your need is to simply decrypt regular DVD protections like RC code, UOPs, etc., you can choose a free AnyDVD HD alternative for Mac from above like MakeMKV, which is free for removing DVD protections, or DVDFab HD Decryptor, the free program created by DVDFab, which is also capable of copying, ripping and converting DVD/Blu-ray into videos free of charge.


Voila! That’s all about today’s article on best AnyDVD for Mac OS Alternatives, hope you’ve successfully backed up you favorite movies! Lastly, for Windows users who are trying to find a good alternative to AnyDVD HD, please read this article: Top Alternatives in 2020.


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  1. Fakta du bør vide om AnyDVD
  2. 5 Top AnyDVD Alternativ
  3. Konklusion

1. Fakta du bør vide om AnyDVD


For hjemmebiograf entusiaster, mange af dem bruger AnyDVD til at sikkerhedskopiere DVD eller Blu-ray efter fjernelse af disken beskyttelse, ligesom Region Code og CSS. I denne henseende er AnyDVD HD en ekspert windows-baseret software i lang tid, som fjerner diskbeskyttelse automatisk ved indsættelse i drevet. Her er de vigtigste funktioner samt beskyttelse AnyDVD er i stand til dekryptering.

indførelse af anydvd alternativ
Redfox AnyDVD Introduktion

5 Vigtigste funktioner i AnyDVD:

      • Dekryptere dvd og Blu-ray beskyttelse som RC, CSS automatisk ved indsættelse
      • Fjern uønskede tvungne undertekster, tvungne forsinkelser, no-skip mærker, FBI advarsler, osv.
      • Fjerne Studio-logoer og advarselsmeddelelser under afspilning
      • Arbejde med ekstern dvd-kopi, kopiering samt afspilningssoftware
      • Styre dvd-drevhastighed

Mens på grund af softwareopdatering spørgsmål af AnyDVD, nogle AnyDVD gamle versioner kan ikke støtte de nyeste titler udgivet i de seneste år, det er derfor en masse brugere nu forsøger at finde sine bedste alternativer til AnyDVD passer til de stadigt skiftende behov. Næste lad os tage et dybere kig.

2. 5 Top AnyDVD Alternativ

Som mange brugere kan forsøge at finde ud af, hvad de gratis programmer som AnyDVD samt de bedste AnyDVD alternativer er, har vi overholdt en topliste til din reference i at vælge Slysoft AnyDVD alternativer.


Nr. 1 DVDFab Passkey 

DVDFab Passkey har to dedikerede produkter, den ene er DVDFab Passkey til DVD, den anden DVDFab Passkey til Blu-ray, ranking som top 1 alternativ til AnyDVD med hensyn til dekryptering til DVD, Blu-ray samt 4k UHD. Utroligt, det har været mere populært sammenlignet med AnyDVD som DVDFab Passkey kan dekryptere de fleste beskyttelse fra DVD, Blu-ray og 4K UHD uden begrænsning som en Windows-baseret driver, der arbejder on-the-fly. Ved at fjerne en bred vifte af beskyttelse mod DVD eller Blu-ray-diske, såsom Region Code, CSS, APS, UOP, etc, DVDFab Passkey gør det lettere for brugerne at nyde, kopiere og rippe diskens indhold. Se følgende for dens respektive funktioner og aftageligbeskyttelse.

DVDFab-adgangsnøgle til dvd

Pris: Betalt

Platform: Windows

Adgangsnøgle til beskyttelse af dvd-dekryptering
Top AnyDVD Alternativ

DVDFab Passkey til DVD hjælper brugerne med at dekryptere enhver dvd ved at fjerne alle kendte dvd-beskyttelse for at gøre alle dvd'er tilgængelige, så du kan se dem frit med dit drev eller tredjeparts afspiller software.

Flytbare beskyttelse: CSS, Region Code, RCE, APS, UOP'er, ARccOS Rip Guard, osv.

DVDFab Passkey til Blu-ray

Pris: Betalt

Platform: Windows

Anydvd alternativ adgangsnøgle til blu-ray
Bedste AnyDVD Alternativ

DVDFab Passkey til Blu-ray giver brugerne mulighed for at omgå Blu-ray og UHD disk beskyttelse, når det er indsat i drevet automatisk, som dækker en bred vifte af disk beskyttelse som BD +, Java Beskyttelse, osv. En anden bemærkelsesværdig funktion er, at det kan løse visse afspilning spørgsmål om nogle Blu-ray ISO-filer og mapper stødt på nogle software, som AnyDVD for eksempel på grund af deres manglende evne til at fjerne beskyttelse som Screen Pass.

Flytbare beskyttelse: AACS, BD+, 3D BD+, Region Code, Java Protection, BD-live, UOPPs, CCI, PS3 osv.

Nr. 2 DVDFab HD Decrypter

 Pris: Gratis

Platform: Windows 

DDVDFab HD Decrypter
Gratis AnyDVD Alternativ

Ranking No.2 er en gratis software, DVDFab HD Decrypter. Hvis du er på udkig efter gratis programmer som AnyDVD eller nogle Slysoft AnyDVD alternativer, så denne gratis software skabt af DVDFab er den, der passer perfekt til dine behov. En største fordel er, at det ikke kun fungerer som en beskyttelse dekryptering software, men også en forenklet software kombinerer DVD Copy, DVD Ripper, Blu-ray Copy, Blu-ray Ripper og Video Converter helt. Det betyder, at efter at denne software ligner AnyDVD fjerner beskyttelsen, kan du bruge den til at kopiere, kopiere og konvertere det tilgængelige diskindhold enten til en tom disk eller som ISO-, mappe- og videofiler. Det eneste, du skal huske på, er, at du hellere må bruge det til at håndtere Blu-stråler udgivet før 2018, og det understøtter ikke H.265- og 4K-videoer.

Flytbare beskyttelse: CSS, RC, RCE, APS, UOP'er, Sony ARccOS, AACS, BD+, RC, UOPS og BD-Live osv.

Nr. 3 MakeMKV

 Pris: Delvist gratis

Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac OS

Gratis AnyDVD Alternativ

MakeMKV, som en cross-platform og god AnyDVD freeware alternativ, det hjælper brugerne til at foretage DVD og Blu-Ray konvertering til videoer i MKV. Udover blot at kopiere DVD eller Blu-Ray diske i en tom disk eller harddisk, det giver også brugerne mulighed for at gøre det senere med anden software, der brænder enhver video-format til DVD eller Blu-Ray. Hvis du forsøger at skelne MakeMKV vs AnyDVD, så vil du opdage, at MakeMKV er fantastisk til at gøre præcis, hvad navnet fortæller, hvilket gør en MKV, men kan ikke konvertere diskindhold til en ISO, kan heller ikke løse hardware problem som HDCP overholdelse eller fjerne unskippable Indhold.

Aftagelig beskyttelse: almindelig beskyttelse af dvd-kopier, ingen Blu-ray-beskyttelse.

Nr. 4 DVDFab Passkey Lite

 Pris: Gratis

Platform: Windows

Gratis AnyDVD Alternativ

DVDFab Passkey Lite er den gratis version af DVDFab Passkey til DVD & Blu-ray. Når licensen til Passkey til DVD & Blu-ray udløber, bliver det automatisk Passkey Lite, der arbejder som et godt gratis AnyDVD-alternativ. Dette er også et godt valg, hvis du er på jagt efter software svarende til AnyDVD. Passkey Lite kan kun arbejde med nogle af de funktioner, som professionelle Passkey til Blu-ray & DVD har, det betyder, det kan fjerne nogle, men ikke alle DVD og Blu-ray beskyttelse, foruden, kan det kun rippe nogle dvd'er eller Blu-stråler til ISO billedfiler eller mapper og arbejde med andre th ird-party software.

Flytbare beskyttelse: RC, RCE, APS og UOP'er. ARccOS, RipGuard samt beskyttelse lavere end V36, RC, BD-Live og UOP'er.

Nr. 5 WinX DVD Ripper Platin

 Pris: Gratis

Platform: Windows

Anydvd alternativ winxdvd
Gratis AnyDVD Alternativ

WinX DVD Ripper, også som en AnyDVD alternativ freeware, fungerer fantastisk til beskyttede dvd'er. Du kan bruge den til nemt at rippe dvd'en, når du har fjernet Sony ARccOS-beskyttelse, CSS (Content Scramble System) eller UOP (User Operation Prohibition). Mens altid huske, kan det kun beskæftige sig med DVD, ikke Blu-stråler, for BD beskyttelse, du er nødt til at betale for sin kommercielle software, bortset fra dette gratis alternativ til AnyDVD.

Flytbare beskyttelse: RC, CSS, UOP, Sony ARccOS osv.

3. Konklusion 

Voila! Som nu har vi givet dig en redegørelse for AnyDVD gennemgang samt 5 top alternativer til AnyDVD HD. Sammenligning af ovenstående Slysoft AnyDVD alternativer, DVDFab Passkey rangerer top i alle henseender, herunder bred dækning af flytbare beskyttelse, kompatibilitet med andre kopi og ripper software, hvilket gør ISO eller mappefiler, samt støtte til nyeste titler. Hvis du har spørgsmål om, hvordan man betjener dette professionelt. Her er en 3-trins enkel guide:

Enkel vejledning til, hvordan du fjerner DVD / BD Beskyttelse med DVDFab Passkey:

Trin 1: Kør DVDFab Passskey

Installer DVDFab Passkey fra sin officielle hjemmeside, som har en gratis prøveperiode i 30 dage. Klik på "Start DVDFab Passkey".

Anydvd alternativ dvdfab passkey
Anydvd alternativ guide

Trin 2: Indsæt dvd-kilden eller Blu-ray-kilden i drevet

Indsæt DVD/Blu-ray i drevet, dvdFab Passkey skal fjerne beskyttelsen automatisk efter at have analyseret den og derefter præsenteret dig en generel info, der er relevante for den fjernede beskyttelse.

Trin 3: Afspille eller arbejde med anden software

Derefter er du velkommen til at bruge andre DVD eller Blu-ray afspilning, eller kopiere og ripper software til at sikkerhedskopiere DVD / BD indhold.


All right! Er du stadig på udkig efter gratis programmer som AnyDVD? Prøv ovenstående, det ville helt sikkert give dig en god oplevelse. For AnyDVD Mac OS alternativer, kan du læse denne artikel for at finde ud af den mest egnede.


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Top 5 AnyDVD Alternatives 2020 [Free & Paid]

Summary: Are you looking for reliable anydvd alternatives to decrypt DVDs and Blu-rays for better playback? This post aims to take you through top 5 anydvd alternative, both free and paid, working with different operating systems. Read on for more details.

Best anydvd alternatives


Reading Guide

  1. Facts You Should Know about AnyDVD
  2. 5 Top AnyDVD Alternatives
  3. Conclusion

1. Facts You Should Know about AnyDVD


For home theater enthusiasts, many of them use AnyDVD to back up the DVD or Blu-ray after removing the disc protections, like the Region Code and CSS. In this regard, AnyDVD HD is an expert windows-based software for a long time, which removes the disc protections automatically upon insertion into the drive. Here are the major functions as well as protections AnyDVD is capable of decryption.

introduction of anydvd alternative
Redfox AnyDVD Introduction

5 Major Features of AnyDVD:

      • Decrypt DVD and Blu-ray protections like RC, CSS automatically upon insertion
      • Remove unwanted forced subtitles, forced delays, no-skip marks, FBI warnings, etc.
      • Remove Studio Logos and warning messages during playback
      • Work with external DVD copy, ripping as well as playback software
      • Control DVD drive speed

While due to software update issues of AnyDVD, some AnyDVD old versions might not support the latest titles released in recent years, that’s why a lot of users are now trying to find its best alternatives to AnyDVD suit the ever-changing needs. Next let’s take a deeper look.

2. 5 Top AnyDVD Alternative

As many users may try to find out what the free programs like AnyDVD as well as the best any dvd alternatives are, we have complied a top list for your reference in choosing the Slysoft AnyDVD alternatives.


No. 1 DVDFab Passkey 

DVDFab Passkey has two dedicated products, one is DVDFab Passkey for DVD, the other DVDFab Passkey for Blu-ray, ranking as the top 1 alternative to AnyDVD in regards of decryption for DVD, Blu-ray as well as 4k UHD. Amazingly, it has been more popular compared with AnyDVD as DVDFab Passkey can decrypt most protections from DVD, Blu-ray and 4K UHD with no limitation as a Windows-based driver that works on-the-fly. By removing a wide range of protections from DVD or Blu-ray discs, such as Region Code, CSS, APS, UOP, etc, DVDFab Passkey makes it easier for users to enjoy, copy and rip the disc content. Please refer to the following for its respective functions and removable protections.

DVDFab Passkey for DVD

Price: Paid

Platform: Windows

Passkey for dvd decrypt protections
Top AnyDVD Alternative

DVDFab Passkey for DVD helps users to decrypt any DVD by removing all known DVD protections to make all DVDs accessible, so you can watch them freely with your drive or third-party player software. This anydvd alternative shall be your first choice to remove copy protections.

Removable Protection: CSS, Region Code, RCE, APS, UOPs, ARccOS Rip Guard, etc.

DVDFab Passkey for Blu-ray

Price: Paid

Platform: Windows

Anydvd alternative passkey for blu-ray
Best AnyDVD Alternative

DVDFab Passkey for Blu-ray allows users to circumvent Blu-ray and UHD disc protections once it is inserted into the drive automatically, which covers a wide range of disc protections like BD+, Java Protection, etc. Another notable feature is that it can fix certain playback issue of some Blu-ray ISO files and folders encountered by some software, like AnyDVD for example, due to their inability to remove protection like Screen Pass. Make the most of this professional any dvd alternative for copy-protection-free movies.

Removable Protection: AACS, BD+, 3D BD+, Region Code, Java Protection, BD-live, UOPs, CCI, PS3, etc.

No. 2 DVDFab HD Decrypter

 Price: Free

Platform: Windows 

DDVDFab HD Decrypter
Free AnyDVD Alternative

Ranking No.2 is a free software, DVDFab HD Decrypter. If you are looking for free programs like AnyDVD or some Slysoft AnyDVD alternatives, then this free software created by DVDFab is the one that suits your needs perfectly. One biggest advantage is that it not only works as a protection decryption software, but also a simplified software combining DVD Copy, DVD Ripper, Blu-ray Copy, Blu-ray Ripper and Video Converter altogether. That means, after this software similar to AnyDVD removes the protections, you can use it to copy, rip and convert the accessible disc content either to a blank disc, or as ISO, folder, and video files. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you’d better use it to deal with Blu-rays released before 2018, and it doesn’t support H.265 and 4K videos.

Removable Protection: CSS, RC, RCE, APS, UOPs, Sony ARccOS, AACS, BD+, RC, UOPS and BD-Live, etc.

No.3 MakeMKV

 Price: Partially free

Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac OS

Anydvd alternative makemkv
Free AnyDVD Alternative

MakeMKV, as a cross-platform and good AnyDVD freeware alternative, it helps users to undertake DVD and Blu-Ray conversion into videos in MKV. Besides simply copying DVD or Blu-Ray discs into a blank disc or hard drive, it also allows users to do that later with other software that burns any video format to DVD or Blu-Ray. If you are trying to distinguish MakeMKV vs AnyDVD, then you would discover that MakeMKV is great for doing exactly what its name tells, making an MKV, but cannot convert disc content into an ISO, nor can it solve hardware issue like HDCP compliance or remove unskippable content.

Removable Protection: ordinary DVD copy protections, no Blu-ray ones.

No. 4 DVDFab Passkey Lite

 Price: Free

Platform: Windows

Free Decrypter dvdfab passkey
Free AnyDVD Alternative

DVDFab Passkey Lite is the free version of DVDFab Passkey for DVD & Blu-ray. When the license of Passkey for DVD & Blu-ray expires, it would automatically become Passkey Lite, working as a good free AnyDVD alternative. This is also a good choice if you are in search for software similar to AnyDVD. Passkey Lite can only work with some of functions that professional Passkey for Blu-ray & DVD have, that means, it can remove some but not all the DVD and Blu-ray protections, besides, it can only rip some DVDs or Blu-rays to ISO image files or folders and work with other third-party software.

Removable Protection: RC, RCE, APS, and UOPs. ARccOS, RipGuard, as well as protection lower than V36, RC, BD-Live, and UOPs.

No. 5 WinX DVD Ripper Platinum

 Price: Free

Platform: Windows

Anydvd alternative winxdvd
Free AnyDVD Alternative

WinX DVD Ripper, also as an AnyDVD alternative freeware, works great for protected DVDs. You can use it to rip your DVD after removing Sony ARccOS protection, Content Scramble System (CSS), or User Operation Prohibition (UOP) easily. While always remember, it can only deal with DVD, not Blu-rays, for BD protections, you have to pay for its commercial software other than this free alternative to AnyDVD.

Removable Protection: RC, CSS, UOP, Sony ARccOS, etc.

3. Conclusion 

Voila! As of now, we have given you an account of AnyDVD review as well as 5 top alternatives to AnyDVD HD. Comparing the above Slysoft AnyDVD alternatives, DVDFab Passkey ranks top in all respects, including the wide coverage of removable protections, compatibility with other copy and ripper software, making ISO or folder files, as well as support for latest titles. If you have questions about how to operate this professionally. Here is a 3-step simple guide:

Simple Guide to How to Remove DVD/BD Protection with DVDFab Passkey:

Step 1: Run DVDFab Passskey

Install DVDFab Passkey from its official website, which has a free trial period for 30 days. Click “Start DVDFab Passkey”.

Anydvd alternative dvdfab passkey
Anydvd alternative guide

Step 2: Insert the DVD or Blu-ray source into the Drive

Insert DVD/Blu-ray into the drive, DVDFab Passkey shall remove the protection automatically after analyzing it, then presents you a general info relevant to the removed protection.

Step 3: Play or Work with other Software

Then, feel free to use other DVD or Blu-ray playback, or copy and ripper software to back up the DVD/BD content.


All right! Are you still looking for free programs like AnyDVD? Try the above ones, it would definitely deliver you a good experience. For AnyDVD Mac OS alternatives, please read this article to find out the most suitable one.


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